Forget the dress. Let’s talk typography.

When a bride tells you she is more concerned with selecting a font than selecting a dress, you know immediately where her priorities rest. With a vibrant back-and-forth of ideas between client and designer, we eventually settled on a clean, graphic lavender motif and a pair of complimentary fonts. (Has any other bride and groom pair researched the history of their chosen font before? I kind of doubt it!)

Once we had the base elements, the project required that every printed piece, from the official letterpress invitations to the “please no photos” placard, follow the theme. The final product was a study in design consistency.

“I’ve always loved Michelle’s graphic style (modern, yet elegant). So she was an obvious choice to design our wedding motif. We gave her some direction, but in the end she came up with something completely unexpected.  And we loved it!” – Angela and Ralph